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This coming block we are bringing ,  Shi Yue Chen (Tony), a beautiful dancer & artist, instructor and choreographer in to run a series of classes in Contemporary Dance to benefit Zouk lovers as well as any dancers who are interested in learning the foundations of contemporary dance technique.

We believe to improve any style of partner dancing you need to focus on two elements, your Solo technique and your Partnering technique. Training in both of these components is going to make a significant difference to your dancing:

Some styles we believe are especially beneficial to incorporate into your dance training :
> Contemporary or any Solo dance styles to better understand your body and movements and to improve as an individual dancer
> Tango for lead and follow principles and skills, sensitivity & awareness of partner, lines, musicality, etc.

Why bring Contemporary dance to Cloud 9 Zouk?

We feel Contemporary dance style has so many elements that align well with Zouk movements, as well as believing these classes are going to bring you a better understanding of dance techniques and to be more aware of your own body, weight changes, balance, breathing and flow of movements, as well as improving your lines....which ultimately will not only improve your overall skills as a dancer, but also allow you to lead and follow those more complex movements in Zouk or other dance styles, safely and with greater technique.

For Dancers from all Backgrounds:
These classes will be structured in a way whereby each week, over a 7-week block, you will be building on the basic concepts of contemporary dance by way of movement exercises and a fun and interactive short choreo to challenge yourself further.


The classes can be attended by any dancer wanting to either just learn the foundations of Contemporary, or to take it a step further and incorporate your learnings into Zouk dance in the following classes during the night.


For Zouk Dancers:
Our instructor, Tony, will be aiming to bring some of the contemporary techniques that are more aligned to Zouk movements, so that you can apply them into your dancing straight away. We think you'll find these classes a refreshing and challenging way to improve yourself as a dancer as well as a Zouk follower or leader. 🤗

Who is Shi Yue Chen (Tony),

Growing up in China, Tony started dancing at a young age where he was one of the many selected to attend the full time dance school at Beijing Dance Academy from 2007 to 2013. He studied Classical Ballet, Pas de deux, Chinese Dance, Contemporary, Acrobatics and Character dance. When he was 17 years old he won a full scholarship to the New Zealand School of Dance in the Asian Grand Prix competition in Hong Kong. The following year he undertook his final study with the New Zealand School of Dance in 2014 with a Diploma. During 2014 to 2019 he danced with Royal New Zealand Ballet, Singapore Dance Theatre and Queensland Ballet where he performed in many ballet and contemporary works such as Sleeping Beauty, Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Don Quixote, Coppelia, Edwaard Liang’s Opus 25 and 13th Heaven and Nils Christe’s Organ Concerto. Some of his soloist roles include A Folk Tale Pas de Sept (Bournonville’s Bournonville Divertissements), Kinsun Chan’s Sticks and Stones and Lunar by Rani Luther. After working with many well-known choreographers such as Liam Scarlett, Nils Christe, Edwaard Liang, Timothy Harbour, Kinsun Chan and Rani Luther in his professional dance career, as well as teaching at numerous dance schools in China, Singapore and Australia, inspired him to become a dance teacher to pass on the experience and knowledge to his students

As the classes will be progressive and build on each other, we recommend enrolling into the full 7 weeks block ($105 for 7-weeks) to take full advantage of what the term has to offer. However, you can take casual classes at $18 per class.

Class Size will be capped at 30 individual dancers.

Commencing on 7th May every Tuesday, 6-7pm, for 7 weeks.

The spacious and lovely Paddington Hall, 10 Moreton St, Paddington.