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Welcome to our Foundations Team Choreo challenge, Me Necesita Edition by Cloud 9 Zouk. ✨🌟
Looking forward to an amazing experience with you all! 🧡

This is going to be a super fun routine to everyone try to relax, have fun with it, and make your friends feel happy, appreciated and always give positive feedback to each other. After all, we are all learning here and giving up our time for a bit of extra fun & challenge in our lives. 😊

We have tried to include all of the conditions and notes to remember here for you to review. We’d like to be transparent at the start with our expectations of you, and also what you can expect from us 😊

Me Necesita - 76bpmArtist Name
00:00 / 03:09

Me Necesita Choreography

Me Necesita Choreography

Me Necesita Choreography
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Me Necesita Choreo - Partner dancing with counts front & Back veiw

Me Necesita Choreo - Partner dancing with counts front & Back veiw

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Me Necesita Choreo - Partner dancing with counts & music front view

Me Necesita Choreo - Partner dancing with counts & music front view

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Me Necesita Choreo - Ladies Styling Back & front View with Counts & Explanation

Me Necesita Choreo - Ladies Styling Back & front View with Counts & Explanation

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Choreo chalnge Conditions
  • Please try to not miss any training sessions, however we understand that you may already have plans from time to time or unexpected things could happen. Make sure to let us know and keep in contact if this is the case.
    (If you have already discussed your situation with us, that is okay).

  • We will create comprehensive videos which will be available for you to review if you miss a session.

  • Please don't ask others for the partnering situation and let us know your preferences, if you have any, and we will do our best to make it happen.

  • Please don't share our choreo or training videos with other people or to social media. After our public performance you are welcome to share the performance videos to your heart's content! 🤩😊

  • We will sort out the costumes shortly to suit the theme of the song. Please note that sometimes it is hard one to make sure everyone is happy with it, so we all need to be ready to compromise.

Choreo chllange Costs
  • It is a requirement of doing the choreography to attend either a Foundation or a higher level class, as techniques are outlined mainly in class and choreo training focuses on timing, styling, and performance skills and feedback, as well as some extra training on the movement.  But you need to learn the key elements of the movements in the regular classes! 🙂

  • Choreo Team is usually run over 2 blocks (14 sessions), however we will  make it work in 1 block only with some extra training sessions to make it 10 weeks of team training.  We will also be running 3 extra Follower's training sessions, as the first 1:00 is entirely Ladies Styling 💃 
    This routine is a bit shorter than other choreographies, so should be manageable over the 10 sessions (13 sessions for Followers).

  • The Choreo training for Team is at a 30% discounted rate per session so will be $150 for 10 sessions with an extra charge of $50 for Follower for their 3 x Ladies Styling classes (so $200 for 13 sessions total).  
    >> so Total Pricing, including the the Foundation Level 2 classes is- 
        $300 Total for Leaders ($150 regular class + $150 choreo);
        $350 Total for Followers ($150 class + $200 choreo)

  • Further discounts are available for anyone who is studying fulltime at uni and tafe, and we are offering the 25% student discount off classes & choreo training as well. Please Use the discount code for students, which we have provided further below under 'Discount Codes' section.
    (Also, please let us know if you need any assistance or if prefer to pay in 2 instalments, 1 at start of block, and 2nd at end of block.)



  • Costume expense - please budget for costume cost, which we will try our best to keep affordable. We anticipate this could range from $50 up to $100, however any more expensive items (eg: jeans) we will try to choose options that you can wear again later (off stage, ie, in public 😉)

  • Event/Ticket expense - We are planning to perform at our Cloud9Zouk Weekender event (June 24-26), or If we decide to take our team choreography to any events, such as Brisbane Zouk Festival or other dance festivals by other organisers, which are ticketed events, you will need to purchase the applicable ticket. Most festival events will have a 'Performer Pass' which is slightly discounted. >Tickets/Passes can vary anywhere from $150 - $350 depending on the festival and duration.

  • For our Cloud9Zouk Weekender - Mid Year Ball event (June 24-26), the ticket price is $219, however for our Performance Team we will provide a discount of $30 by using our Team discount code, which we will provide below. 
    ** NOTE: We have also just introduced our Buddy Passes, which are for 1 Leader and 1 Follower booking their combined pass together).
    If you purchase your tickets as a Buddy Pass, you can save a further $20 each, so make sure to book with your team mate to take advantage of this. 🙂 **

  • We will advise you in advance if we are planning on performing at any other ticketed events, so that you can factor it into your plans and let us know in advance whether you are committed to attending and performing.


  • > Please register as normal for your Foundations 2 class, if you haven't done so already, and also for the Foundations Choreo Challenge. (The 30% discount of choreo training sessions has already been factored into the registration price). 

  • For fulltime students at uni or tafe, please use following code and just copy & paste into the the section which asks for Coupon Code: StudentC9Z (Note: if you've already registered for a class or the choreo, please register for the missing class and the code will still work).

  • For your Cloud9Zouk Weekender Event Pass ticket bookings, the Performance Team Code for Foundations Team is:   C9ZPerformer

** Get your tickets here, and remember you can partner up with one of your team mates to get a Buddy Pass for maximum savings (Buddy Pass = 1 x Leader and 1 x Follower pass) 💃🕺

Choreo Challange Planned performances

Note: at this stage we are aiming to be performing at the following:
> Cloud9Zouk Weekender - Mid Year Ball event (June 24-26)
There may be other events with opportunity to perform at, however will depend on the availability of our team members and interest level of team.

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