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timetable & location

  • 6 - 7             *NEW* - Intro Beginner course 

  • 7 - 8   'Dance is a Conversation' Series 1

  • 8 - 9.30   'Dance is a Conversation' Series 2 



timetable & location

  • 6 - 7                   'Intro to Zouk' Beginner Course

  • 7 - 7.30              Social Dancing

  • 7.30 - 8.30         'Foundations to Intermediate' class

  • 8.30 - 9.30          C9Z Mega Zouk Team Training



We are excited to bring back our class series of ‘Dance is a Conversation’.  😊

We’ve all experienced those magical moments of connection on the dance floor, which is just one of the reasons many of us fall in love with dancing. Well, where does this connection come from?!

Connection starts with when a couple are in tune and understand each other, so that the dance flows and feels effortless. The ‘Dance is a Conversation’ series is aimed at developing the knowledge and experience to enable great connection. These classes will focus on the technique and ‘grammar’ of the dance rather than on specific sequences, so that we can explore the connection from one movement to another to achieve a smoother, more connected and flowing ‘conversation’ on the dance floor.

'Dance is a Conversation' is run as 2 levels:

  • Series 1 (Connection Principles) - by Invitation Only, which is aimed at the upper intermediate level zouk dancer, who is already familiar with the basic steps, footwork and movements of zouk, and wants to learn new skills and improve body awareness to take your dancing to the next level.

Over the course of Series 1 Principles, we focus on specific exercises to explore body mechanics and awareness, and how this fits in with zouk movements. We will also introduce you to new and more advanced zouk concepts and movements. These classes will be focused on exercise and techniques, as well as applying and translating these skills to your zouk dance.  Each block of Series 1 is progressive, exploring similar concepts and building onto them with various exercises or movements. 

Good connection with your partner is the key to a great dance every time 😊  so we will cover the 'vocabulary’ of dance connection, such as the concepts and techniques which underlie connection: breathing, frame, pressure, as well as exploring zouk movements, dance etiquette, floor craft, spacial awareness, lead and follow, and musicality.

** Note that most students will undertake a few blocks of Series 1 before continuing on to Series 2, and some students will undertake both Series in same block.

  • Series 2 (Zouk Flow) is by Invitation Only and aimed at the upper intermediate plus to advanced level zouk dancer, who wants to drill down and explore and practice the concepts behind more progressive movements in zouk such as boneca variations, head movement transitions, balao, rotisserie, etc.

Throughout Series 2 Zouk Flow, we will focus on breaking down and practicing these more complex concepts, to enable a greater understanding of how to transition between movements for a smoother and more connected conversation on the dance floor. 
Note that each block of Series 2 is progressive, exploring similar concepts and developing and building onto them with various exercises or movements.


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