" Dancing makes me happy! Passion drives me!

  Friends make me a better person!

 Community makes me feel home! "


Behrouz is a passionate Zouk dancer, who discovered his love for this dance style 7 years ago. He initially got interested in dancing by randomly coming across a Tango introduction workshops at Woodford Festival, and from this ‘delicious little taste’ of dancing, jumped feet first into learning Tango.  After some time training in Tango, Behrouz joined classes at Rio Rhythmics where he intensively attended as many classes as he could, and learned many other styles, before realising his passion and love for Brazilian Zouk and deciding to focus on this style.

Since then Behrouz has participated in many overseas festivals and taken private lessons with professionals as well as participating in local and overseas competitions, including placing in the Prague Zouk Congress 2016 Jack & Jill’s.

Behrouz also started DJ’ing in 2015 for zouk events in Brisbane and has been invited to various festivals in Brisbane and Australia to DJ.
In 2015 Behrouz started a dance community group for zouk dancers, called Zouk Practica (running our ‘Zouk Sundays’ parties) to add more value to the existing Zouk Community in Brisbane, and to offer a space for practicing, improving and socialising. It has now grown to become a popular Zouk social in Brisbane where everyone is welcome and included.  Zouk Practica has since evolved into ‘Cloud 9 Zouk’, where as well as the regular social parties, we offer the community various other Zouk events and dance classes.

Behrouz began his teaching journey as a Zouk instructor in early 2016, initially specialising in the ‘Dance is a Conversation’ series focusing on techniques to improve ‘connection’ on the dance floor, and in 2017 introduced Beginner and Foundation levels, with the goal of expanding and bringing new dancers into our zouk community.  With this aim, Behrouz also offers introductory/beginner classes before all of the Zouk Sundays and Cloud 9 social parties and displays the brochures of various dance schools at the entryway to encourage people to take up dance classes and grow the dance community.