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Welcome to our Cloud 9 Social Club :)

Would you like to spend your weekends exploring around Brisbane, socialising, connecting with nature and meeting new friends in the process?! 
You are in the right place! 🤩 We are a community of like minded friends who enjoy doing various activities together during the week and on the weekend.

Cloud9 Socials & weekend adventures.png

Some of the activities that we have done in the past includes: dancing, camping, hiking, bike rides, coffee catch ups, dinner catch ups, weekends away, tree-top challenge, ice skating.... the list is endless! 😉

❣️ Everyone is welcome to join us with our activities.🙂

Here is a link of just some of our weekend activities:

"We are Cloud 9 Zouk and we form part of a greater latin dance community in Brisbane and surrounds, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. We all come from different backgrounds but what brings us together is our passion for dancing, trying new things, friendships, and the joy that it brings us.
We value fun, friendship and community and we would like to share our passion for dance & life with everyone."
As our social events and activities have grown and evolved over the years, we have created this Social Club to open these up to non-dancers and dancers alike. 🙂

We really hope that you find our ideas, events and catch ups to be super fun & friendly and join us in becoming a part of our community. ❤️

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