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Cloud 9 Social Club

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💫Dance Friends referrals 🥳💃🕺😍

So, you have been dancing for a little while and loving it so much that you would like to get more of your friends involved with dancing. 🎵🎶🤩

We understand...🙂 when your friends see you enjoying yourself, they'll be keen to see what it's all about as well. 🥳💃🕺

As a token of our appreciation, we are giving you a $20 credit per each referrals towards your dance classes, when you refer a new friend or 'not yet dancing' friend 😉 to any of our Zouk courses and they book a full block with us. 🥳🤝🤑

Win win, right! 🥳🤝🕺💃

* Note: Referral registrations need to be finalised by week 2 of the block, and we ask that you use any of your referral discounts to register your own class by the end of week 3 of the block.

* Note: They need to use your personalized link to book their full course of classes with us. This is all automated and you get $20 in your account to use.

* Note: This only applies to new dancers to Cloud9 Zouk Community.

For more Information Please visit here:


Welcome to our Cloud 9 Social Club :) Would you like to spen...


  • 4 Aug Sun | 'Intro Beginner Dance Bootcamp & Social Mingle | 4th Aug 2024🕺💃🍹🥂 '

  • 4 Aug Sun | 'Sunday Social Mingle @Darling & Co | 4th Aug 2024🥂🍸🍷🕺💃 '

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