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🔊 Overseas trips planning

Okay wonderful people 🙂

It is time to get organised & excited bout overseas trips.

This year I would like to visit Ubud, Bali (or one of the awesome islands in South East Asia ) as well as a Europe trip mid year in July.

To have a better understanding of the accommodation and cost we need to know how many of us keen to go. 🙂

Let me know if you are interested to join the fun and let's get flights & accommodation organised 🙂

Dates and possibilities:

👉Bali (or South East Asia destination) trip:

Dates: 29th April - 8th May

Flights: ~$800 Brisbane to Bali return

Will be renting out a Villa or Yoga retreat once we know the numbers. More information on costs is coming soon.

👉Europe Trip:

Dates: 5th July - 25th July

Flights: Brisbane to Turkey ~$3,000 return

This is just a reference for us and doesn't include the travel expense between the countries in Europe.

City Stops possibility based on the Zouk Events in Europe:

1. Turkey (6 - 13 July)

2. Poland (13-17 Jul 2023 Zouk Diverse Marathon)

3. TBC (18 - 20 July)

4. Prague (21-24 Jul 2023 Prague Zouk Congress)

5. Return Brisbane 25/26 July

Let get the conversation started! 🤩


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