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Why try Latin Dancing, Brazilian Zouk with us? 🥳🕺💃

Here are some beautiful & kind words from some of our students about why they love Cloud9 Zouk and the reason they kept going, from the 1st time they tried dancing 🥳🕺💃

Give yourself a gift of dancing, join us with our weekly dance lessons & parties and see how Latin dancing can impact your social life, physical and mental wellbeing, and your life overall in a very big way ❣️🥰💃🕺

" Ken:

Amazing, amazing, amazing. I look forward to going to class every week. 100% recommended, highlight of my week!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "

" Anna:

Honestly the best dance community in Brisbane! Behrouz and Sibell are not just terrific dance instructors and dancers themselves, they put in tremendous effort to make every person feel welcomed and supported! I don’t have any dancing background but the learning environment is just too enjoyable to resist! Your legs will learn it and your body will adapt, no worries! See you in class 😉"

" Rebecca:

100% recommend this dance school. Not only will you have fun learning to dance, you will also instantly become part of a beautiful community that are welcoming and does so many activities together other than dance classes and parties. Since I started a year ago I have been for 2 camping trips, hikes, travelled to Sydney, and spent Christmas and New Years with these lovely people. The dance teachers create a warm welcoming environment and are very special people. I started because I love the dance, but it was the best bonus ever to get to know so many beautiful new friends."

" Fola:

Attention to technique.

Readiness to help.

Supportive feedback.

Lively parties.

All you need, to move

from Zero to Zouk in record time."

" Christopher:

Great style, great energy, great instructors and students, great social scene! Highly recommend it!!"

" Jessica:

Cloud 9 parties and community events are amazing! Thanks for bringing a little bit of Brazil to us by supporting international artists and putting together these awesome congresses.

Yesterday during Cloud 9 Zouk Weekender I had the best dancing night since I moved to Australia! A good ratio of leaders and followers gave us the opportunity to dance a lot 😍 ❤️:

" Tu:

A great dance community, great teachers as well! "

" Sophie:

I had so much fun doing the beginners class with Sid, Behrouz & Sibell. The steps are broken down easily and practised each week. I laughed a lot with Behrouz’s jokes and hope to be back for more dancing!"

" Monika:

Huge thanks Behrouz and Sibell for a great term of classes ! You bring an amazing sense of inclusivity and fun to learning dance, and your passion is infectious.. I'm so glad i happened across this school and discovered the amazing community you've created 🙂"

And many more beautiful words:

Check them out on our Facebook page or Google page:

We hope to see you on the dance floor or at our events very soon! 🤗


Your Cloud9 Team ❤


Welcome to our Cloud 9 Social Club :) Would you like to spen...


  • 25 May Sat | 'Cloud 9 Zouk Dance Party | 25th May 2024 🕺💃 '

  • 2 Jun Sun | 'Sunday Social Mingle @Darling & Co | 2nd June 2024🥂🍸🍷🕺💃 '

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