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Block 1, 2023 is done & dusted 🥳🕺💃🌻

Congrats to all our new students who join our family recently and finished their first block 🤗✨🎉🎶🕺💃

We are super grateful to have your support ❤ Our aim with our classes & our community to give you as much as value and add so much good vibes to your life 🌻🥳💫🥰

A big thank you to our teachers, volunteers and those who just want to give because they love dancing & our family/ Community. ❤

We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions & feedback to help us improve. You can Pm me or Sibell personally or call us, or catch up for a coffee or just send us an email 🙂

We will be back at next block ( Block 2, 2023) of classes on 14th March. Please spread the words for us, share a dance on social media, invite friends to our Open Week…

Here is the link for our Open Week:

Also, we WOULD LOVE you to rate us & give your review on our Facebook & Google account to help us promote Cloud 9 Zouk and our love for dancing. You’d be amazed how many people read your reviews 🤗

Thank you in advance!

Google link:

Facebook link:

See you all next week for our start of term 2 🕺💃✨


Welcome to our Cloud 9 Social Club :) Would you like to spen...


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