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Cloud 9 Social Club

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This is gorgeous ❣🕺💃

Dance is life! Dance is for everyone! Dance can change your life 💃🕺❤️

It goes beyond age, occupation, nationality and it's a language which brings people together 💃🕺

Meet our handsome Jay, and the youngest ever, Cloud 9 Zouk student who has graduated from our beginner course 🥳🕺🕺🕺🕺

He is just showing off (with humble confidence 😉 ) how it's done on the floor and how to invite a lady for a dance 😍💃

Jay is just 12 years young and enjoying learning Latin Dancing along with his lovely mum, Bek 🥳





Welcome to our Cloud 9 Social Club :) Would you like to spen...


  • 14 Sep Sat | 'International Zouk Day Brisbane 2024 | Day Activities '

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