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Hike at Rainbow Falls Circuit 🚶‍♀️🚶🥾🌴

Who would like to chase some water falls with us? So, this time around we are planning on paying a visit to Springbrook National Park which is home to so many beautiful tracks & water falls.

Since we have a few tracks to explore, this time we are hiking Purling Brook Falls Circuit and Warringa Pool, which is a beautiful hike and takes around 2 - 3 hours ( 5km). We can organise a lunch or picnic somewhere nice around that area once we have completed the walk. The weather for Sat looks promising and we can all do carpooling again.

Here is the link for the hike so you can check it out:


TIME: 2 - 3 h


View Cafe:


> 8:00 am.... ...Leave Brisbane ( We can organise lifts & car pool)

> 9.30 am.... ..Regroup at View Cafe at Hinze Dam (100-200 Advancetown Rd, Advancetown QLD 4211)

>10:50 am.... (allowing for Traffic, regrouping & getting lost )

Tallanbana picnic area on Springbrook Road

> 11.00am-ish ;) .... Start Hike!

Everyone is welcome! Leave a comment if you are keen to join us. Let's do it!

Call Behrouz or Sibell for any Questions: B 0432 524 097, S 0402 203 193


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