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History behind International Zouk Day in Brisbane

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Did you know that International Zouk Day came about by the efforts of a passionate group of Zouk lovers around the world, with the vision to "Unite the world with Zouk, the dance of love", ♥️ by organising and promoting a flashmob performance to be danced worldwide?! 🕺🏽💃💞

Originally the brainchild of Alisson Sandi, together with Audrey Isautier from Perth, the concept was envisioned & planned, and with the help of an international 'Organising Team' (OT), the International Zouk Flashmob was born 🐣 and launched off in 2012 🚀... to grow and evolve from there, into what is now our International Zouk Day celebrations! 🤩

The numbers of dancers training and performing the flashmob got to the level that there was over 200 teams of >1000 dancers, from more than 50 countries and 170 cities worldwide, all dancing & performing a specially created routine to showcase this beautiful dance style to the world. 🌏

Check out just one of the worldwide complication videos, which was for 2017 ...

(Brissie is somewhere between 4-5min mark 😄… it’s worth watching from the start though)

Brisbane has been part of this movement for many years now. The first IZD Flash Mob was run in 2013 by James Quinn-Hawtin from Dance Culture and he continued till 2016.

Here is an epic video of one of James' flashmob performances, which was performed in 2013 at South Bank. 🙂

[Filmed & Edited by Jean Luc Lambs]

Cloud 9 Zouk came on board in 2017 and brought all the dance schools in Brisbane & surrounds together to showcase Brazilian Zouk right in heart of the Brisbane CBD's Queen Street stage, by performing the flashmob as well as other very special demos by the schools' instructors and their performance teams. 🤩 The aim being to bring everyone together in showcasing Zouk to the general public and growing this beautiful Zouk scene and community of dancers. 🤗 ♥️

This annual celebration continues to be a part of the Brisbane Zouk scene since! ✨✨

& To send us out today.. Here is a clip of one of our local flashmob performances celebrating IZD in Queen St, Brisbane:

[Filmed & edited by: Roman Balìtskiy - Happy Birthday for today, Roman! 🎈, Voice over courtesy of Alex Salsa Zouk Bousgas]

✨✨✨ Please join us in this celebration and post your own special Zoukie memory and use #IZD2020

#Dancemakesmehappy ✨✨✨

Stay tuned ... 👋 🙂

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